Understanding How a Quincunx Works in Astrology, Making It Work in Life

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In the simplest terms, a quincunx in astrology are those that are 5 signs apart in the zodiac, but it also represents signs and planets that don’t understand each other…Learn how to find common ground.

Quincunx 101

For starters, with let’s do a quick review of aspects (or angles) in astrology…

(*These aspects also have varying orbs, but to keep things simple, we’re not getting into those for now.)

First we have the major aspects: Conjunct (10°), sextile (60°), square (90°), trine (120°), opposite/opposition (180°).

Next we have the minor aspects: Quincunx/inconjunct (150°), semi-sextile (30°), quintile (72°), septile (51.5°), semi-square (45°), novile (40°), sesquiquadrate (135°).

Since our focus is on Quincunx, also called an inconjunct (the terms are used interchangeably), we will mention that it represents an angle of 150 degrees. However, how much of an orb varies on your source, some say 4 degrees, others say 3.5 and still others say 2. For example, within an orb of 3.5 degrees, the planets or points in question can be anywhere from 147.5 degrees to 153.5 degrees apart.

The influence of a Quincunx

According to prevailing beliefs in astrology, with a Quincunx, planetary energies do not flow together smoothly. In terms of planets, one or the other will dominate.

The effect of a Quincunx brings together different areas of life that are not usually in communication. This has to do with the distance the planets, houses or signs or points are apart from one another.

Keywords associated with a Quincunx are: challenges, adjustments, diversion, imbalance, unpredictability, mystery, creativity, resourcefulness and humor.

Quincunx and zodiac signs

In terms of zodiac signs, a Quincunx means they won’t understand one another. Communication may be difficult, as both signs will be challenged to see eye to eye and find common ground. It doesn’t mean things will be impossible, it simply means recognizing there may be obstacles and misunderstandings – you have to work a little harder at it.

Finding your Quincunx sign

You can find your Quincunx sign one of two ways:

1. Locate your sign on the zodiac will and move for spaces to the left or right.

Example: Gemini: 4 spaces to the right is Libra. 4 spaces to the left is Aquarius.

2. Locate your opposite sign on the zodiac wheel and move 2 spaces to the left or right.

Example: Gemini: Opposite sign is Sagittarius. Two spaces to the right is Libra. Two spaces to the left of Sagittarius is Aquarius.

Dealing with a quincunx and making it work

What you will discover with a quincunx is that particular areas of life described by planets with an inconjunct angle is that they tend to conflict with one another. Further, not only can be difficult to merge the energies of these planets – you’ll detect a sense that they cannot be merged.

This is where the idea of adjustment, diversion and creativity come into play. It also helps to have a sense of humor about things.

To resolve the differences, one must try to sort these conflicts into different compartments and be satisfied with that. In other words, accept that you can’t force a square peg into a round hole. And that’s okay. Take things for what they are and work with that.