The U.S. Army Is Using Astrology to Attract New Recruits

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The U.S. Army has been raising eyebrows lately with a variety of new recruitment strategies to appeal to the sentiments of Generation Z and young Millennials, and it’s using astrology as its latest enticement.

It appears the new strategy the Army is using is to let prospects know that the military “gets them.” So, forget that ancient slogan of “Uncle Sam Wants You,” he now wants your birth chart.

The opening text of the Army’s new recruiting video reads: “What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say about You?”

The caption for the Instagram post reads: “Wondering what your Zodiac sign says about the kind of Soldier you could be in the Army? You’ll just have to click through our Instagram Story to find the answer because our lips are sealed over here.”

What Does the U.S. Army Says About Each Sign?

The video promises: Find your sign on today’s Instagram story!

However, so far, the Army has only posted the astrological advice for three Zodiac signs in its first video of this kind. The post seems to infer this is part of a forthcoming horoscope series.

The post reads: “You’ll just have to click through our Instagram Story to find the answer…” So we assume you’ll have to go there to find a recommendation for your Zodiac sign if you’re not one of these initial three Zodiac signs in the video.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

The Army’s recommended military career for your Zodiac sign: Field veterinary service.

With a heart that cares for others, a field veterinary service (64A) will be the perfect way for you to care for our Army companions.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

The Army’s recommended military career for your Zodiac sign: A human intelligence collector.

A human intelligence collector (35M) is the path that fits your smarts. Going to great lengths to successfully analyze and understand our enemies.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

The Army’s recommended military career for your Zodiac sign: JAG Corps attorney.

A JAG Corps attorney (27A) will bring out the best in you, Pisces. Honest and a passion for helping people will prove powerful in court.

Instagram Commenters Go Off

The reception appeared to be less-than-enthusiastic, to say the least.

strungoutspooky wrote: “this is genuinely so depressing.”

_janiegib wrote: “Please tell me you’re kidding. Up next: phrenology?”

fun_parks_rob wrote: “The World War II guys are all rolling over in their graves while China is laughing…”

But Wasn’t All Bad

isabella.welchh wrote: “I love this so much. Someone deserves a raise.”

david.k.perry.wisdom_oracle, (the avatar was a soldier’s photo, so could be a plant), wrote: “Woah! Uncannily accurate!”

Others Were Less Kind

annathropology wrote: “Leave people alone. You only recruit because you can’t force people to die for this country. But you do give them PTSD. And then leave them on the street to rot.”