Planets Going Retrograde in 2021 and How They Will Affect You

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A total of seven planets and one heavenly body will go retrograde in 2021, Mercury will go retrograde three times, and Uranus twice. Here’s a look at the dates, as well as how each planet affects us when it goes retrograde.

Before we delve into the retrograde and direct calendar for 2021, here’s a quick review of what retrograde and direct mean and how the major planets affect us during these events.

What does going retrograde mean?

Retrograde refers to an illusion whereby a planet appears to be moving backward.

A simple way to describe this phenomenon is to use the example of two trains traveling close by one another on adjacent tracks. One of the trains is moving slower and the other train is moving faster. As the faster train passes the slower one, the slow train appears to be moving backward.

This is what happens when planets pass one another in their orbit, such as when they pass Earth. From our viewpoint, the planet appears as if it is moving backward.

In astrology, for example, there is a three and one half week period in which Mercury appears to move backwards, this is what astrologers call “Mercury is in retrograde.” This typically occurs around 3 to 4 times per year when Mercury speeds past Earth.

What does going direct mean?

This concept is simpler to understand. Direct motion, also called prograde motion, refers to when a planet is when it moves in the direction similar to that of the other bodies within its system.

The effect of retrograde on different planets

Different planets create different effects on us during the times they are in retrograde. Here is a brief summary of seven major planets and how they affect us when they go retrograde.

About Mercury in retrograde

Mercury affects communications and travel. When Mercury is in retrograde, astrologers warn that it is a time for being extra cautious and avoiding important types of communications or travel. It is a time when communications can be interfered with or misunderstood. Mercury in retrograde has a reputation of being a time when unfavorable things can occur.

However, some astrologers also believe that Mercury in retrograde can also be a positive time. The “re-” part of retrograde makes it a good time to revisit, reflect, refresh and rethink. It is a time for reordering or reinvigorating our lives.

About Jupiter in retrograde

Jupiter in retrograde is connected to both the philosophical and spiritual. As such, it brings reflection. The influence of Jupiter, as the largest planet, tends to exaggerate things and also has an effect on “big picture” things. Some of these effects can be unfavorable. Jupiter attempts to undermine our personal values and morals. During Jupiter in retrograde, we have to counteract these effects by purifying our thoughts. We are called upon to delve deep into introspection, seeking moral clarity related to “big picture” thinking and elements in our lives.

About Saturn in retrograde

As retrograde periods bring about reflection, with Saturn we need to focus on our personal discipline, responsibilities, limits, boundaries and authorit. Simultaneously, the effects of Saturn in retrograde tends to heighten our fear and frustration over the responsibilities and boundaries we have in our lives. Thus, we need to step back and think about at the big picture. Our focus needs to shift not from the here and now, but upon how these things play out over the long run. Things that may seem like a burden now – could actually be a blessing which provides future strength and security.

About Uranus in retrograde

Uranus in retrograde brings about an awakening. As a result of this, it can cause an abrupt or extreme change within us. A frequent effect is a rebellion rebel against our present position in life. We may be impelled to break out of a rut or sense of confinement. This enlightenment and transformation may send us along an entirely new path.

About Neptune in retrograde

Neptune in retrograde brings clarity. It allows us to discern the truth in a given situation. It signals us to stop turning a blind eye or procrastinating. The influence of Neptune also increases our spirituality, which activates a desire to serve others and operate from unconditional love. Because we now can we see the truth, the things that are truly important are revealed to us.

About Pluto in retrograde

Pluto in retrograde creates an awakening that forces us to explore our most hidden self, and perform a “clean up” with our lives. It shifts our focus on how we use can better use our personal power. It brings awareness of the ways we may be abusing our power or manipulating others. Pluto in retrograde helps us transform our lives in positive ways.

Calendar: Retrograde planets for 2021

Here is a calendar of the planets and major heavenly bodies going retrograde in 2021.

January 2021:

Mercury: January 30-February 21

Uranus January 1-January 14

April 2021:

Pluto April 27-October 6

May 2021:

Saturn May 23-October 11

Mercury May 29-June 22

June 2021:

Jupiter: June 20-October 18

Neptune June 25-December 1

July 2021:

Chiron July 15-December 19

August 2021:

Uranus August 20-January 1, 2022

September 2021:

Mercury September 27-October 18

December 2021:

Venus: December 20-January 1, 2022

Calendar: Planets going direct for 2021

Here is a calendar of the planets and major heavenly bodies going direct in 2021.

January 2021:

Mercury: January 1-January 30

Venus: January 1-December 19

Mars: January 1-January 1, 2022

Jupiter: January 1-June 20

Saturn: January 1-January 14

Uranus: January 14-August 20

Neptune January 1-June 25

Pluto: January 1-April 27

Lilith: January 1-January 1, 2022

Chiron: January 1-July 15

February 2021:

Mercury: February 21-May 29

June 2021:

Mercury: June 22-September 27

October 2021:

Mercury: October 18-January 1, 2022

Jupiter: October 18-January 1, 2022

Saturn: October 11-January 1, 2022

Pluto: October 6-January 1, 2022

December 2021:

Neptune: December 1-January 1, 2022

Chiron: December 19-January 1, 2022